About me

I’ve always been interested in expressing complicated ideas in the clearest way.

I started out in magazine journalism in 2005, while completing my critical theory MPhil at Cambridge. By 2006, I was Deputy Editor of a national property magazine. In 2007 I was approached by a publisher, and went on to do three humour books.

I worked as a digital copywriter for big agencies like Wieden & Kennedy and UsTwo in London for several years – but London wasn’t for me. In 2012, I moved to Sheffield after winning a creative technology contract, and within five years I was a successful digital artist. I was Rambert’s first digital artist in residence, and I even exhibited at The Lowry.

Since leaving the arts in 2018, I have been investing in property and learning about finance and business. I have recently joined the volunteer team at Edinburgh’s wonderful financial history reference library, the Library of Mistakes. But I consider myself a lifelong learner, and I’ve never stopped writing and learning about technology.

Outside of work you’ll find me walking, driving, swimming or horse riding in the beautiful Fife countryside.