“As a tech start-up that was finding its marketing feet, we needed help. Leila brought experience, expertise, candour and charm, and importantly, found the words that we couldn’t.”

Mike Ward, Head of Marketing at Singular.live

“I work with Leila at the Library of Mistakes, an initiative to educate future generations, particularly in business and finance. Leila is highly knowledgable about finance and has a great enthusiasm for the subject. This is manifested in her desire to continue learning more about it and share her knowledge. She’s highly creative and a brilliant writer who brings a wealth of qualities to projects. Recommended!”

Fraser Allen, communications expert

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Leila on several different projects across startups, museums, and agencies. She excels in understanding and expressing complex ideas to a broad audience, finding the right tone and highlighting the key issues.

Leila always brings good energy and expertise to the team, and always delivers.”

Duncan Gough, Chief Product & Technical Officer at Serco

“I have known Leila for 7 years and worked with her on numerous small to medium-sized projects. She is a true creative and a professional consultant who straddles several lines really well. She knows how to take any project to that next level!  Her ability to understand a brief and support clients to maximise their profits and put their best foot forward is brilliant. Leila honours ethical practices while also helping clients see different perspectives, and is an efficient worker. An asset to any team, and worth every £££!”

Rosa Cisneros, dance artist, researcher and activist

Leila and I have worked together on-and-off for over 10 years now. There is honestly nothing that she can’t do. I have witnessed Leila write articles (on every and any topic), host podcasts, launch and manage magazines, create art… in short, to gain success and respect in whatever she does. Leila is so full of creative energy that she’s really an unstoppable force.

Anyone that commissions Leila will find exactly this. There are very few people with the energy, drive, and enthusiasm that Leila has – about everything! – and I recommend her wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

Paul Squires, Perini Networks

“Leila is the most creative person I know, and I’ve worked in the creative industries for 20 years. How she still manages to see the world differently enough to imagine a different future, I don’t know — but I’m very glad she can. 12/10 would always recommend for out of the box thinking, the most imaginative takes and new ideas that knock you sideways.”

Emma Barnes, Chief Executive Officer at General Products Ltd, makers of Consonance