Writing samples

Some of the work I do is hard to write up or link to, either because it’s confidential or is more to do with shaping ideas and organising information than creating text to live permanently online. However, I’ve gathered a representative sample of some recent work below. As you can see, it’s a mixture of longform, social media and editing/messaging. Let me know if you would like to see anything more specific and I’ll see what I can rustle up. Alternatively, have a look at my latest creds deck (pdf) for the edited highlights.

Through the summer and autumn of 2023, I am working as the technical writer on Yorkshire Water’s 5-year business plan.

Feature on the Library of Mistakes, for Mensa’s member mag (July/Aug 2023)

Article on waste-to-energy, “Could energy recovery solve the mounting problem of global waste?” interpreted from analyst report for Wood MacKenzie (May 2023)

Cover feature on AI, for Mensa’s member mag, IQ (May/June 2023)

Article on national oil companies, “Are NOCs rising to the energy transition challenge?” interpreted from analyst report, for Wood MacKenzie (April 2023)

Article on the gas market in Africa, “Can Africa help solve Europe’s gas supply crunch?” interpreted from analyst report, for Wood MacKenzie (April 2023)

Copy for the ebook and website of Nokia Bell Labs’ high profile 6G campaign (2022).

Instagram content and strategy for the Library of Mistakes, a financial history library in Edinburgh (2022-present).

Messaging and restructuring help for the Frontier tech hub, a Foreign Office property (2021).

An article about the work of the Digital Access West Yorkshire charity, exploring challenges faced by parents and teachers during lockdown (2020).

An article about 5G security written for a global tech client’s site, includes an interview with an ethical hacker (2020).

Overlay software Singular‘s company handbook – only public as this image, but it gives a flavour! (2019)

A long explainer about SEO written as part of an unpaid copy test. No source material was supplied (2019).

An article about science YouTubers for the New Scientist (2018).

A regular column about tech trends that I wrote for Brandwatch (2017).

Hack Circus magazine (and event + podcast) series which I founded and produced – all about “fantasy technology and everyday magic” (2013-2017).