If you’d like me to create a podcast for you, host an episode, or guest on your show, just let me know.

I’ve recently (winter 2022) launched a new podcast called One Thing About Money, with the goal of creating a useful free resource for people keen to learn more about finance and the economy.

When it comes to podcasting, there’s not much I haven’t done. In recent years I have developed, edited and presented podcasts for Sheffield’s Site Gallery, the Balbir Singh Dance Company, the indie games publisher Raw Fury and the University of Brighton, among others. I even hosted one for the Guardian (about jetpacks!).

The geek interest show I have created with Roo Reynolds since 2009, Shift Run Stop, has regularly charted on iTunes and featured on several lists of top podcast picks, including The Guardian’s in 2014. Our 60+ guests on this ‘Richard and Judy for geeks’ interview show have ranged from celebrities like Jon Ronson, Maggie Philbin and Adam Curtis to hackers, game designers, and people who count their sneezes.

I also created 45 episodes of my own creativity-themed show, Hack Circus, to tie into the wider HC project. Guests here have included musicians, magicians, entrepreneurs, archivists, authors and comedians such as Simon Munnery, Helen Keen and Steve Punt. The show has also attracted a committed fanbase.

Find some typical reviews from shows I’ve made, below:

Hack Circus

“Some people just make naturally good presenters, and Leila manages to keep you entertained while covering some reasonably complex subjects.” 5*

“Leila Johnston manages to make creating interesting and engaging conversations sound easy – a testament to her research and listening skills.” 5*

“Captivating talk with an archivist by a resident genius in Sheffield. Leila Johnston has the knack for getting people to open up on a wide range of subjects”. 5*

Shift Run Stop

“Two brilliant friends interview innovators and fun people. Leila and Roo both have a heroic sense of humour. They both have the education and social competence to do great interviews.” 5*

“Excellently curated and edited conversation with revered cultural people or topics.” 5*

“Interesting and unusual topics. Likeable and funny presenters. Always makes me laugh and lifts my spirits. If I could only take one podcast to a desert island it would be this (even if Adam & Joe started up again!)” 5*

Get in touch if you’d like a free, 20-minute chat about a podcast idea, or think I can help in any way.